Hiking for Dementia Research

Nathan DeJong

( Lid van team: Alzheimer Centrum Limburg )

van totaal € 50 (220%)
By walking 20 km with my colleagues on September 17, I'm supporting dementia research at ACL! The ACL conducts research into causes and treatments for dementia, and also studies how we can improve the lives of patients and caregivers. My own research studies lifestyle factors which contribute to resilience against cognitive decline and dementia, and explores ways we can use MRI to study this further. I'm also walking in memory of my father, who passed away from dementia in 2017.
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02-10-2021 | 15:10 We believe that Nathan is doing valuable work in this field of research. We are happy to sponsor him and donate to this cause. We are proud of Nathan and the work he is doing and the even he participated in!
17-09-2021 | 00:22
16-09-2021 | 13:00